Consulting: Let Me Wake-Up Your Boring Copy

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I’ll take your words – and add my secret sauce.

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If you need to spice up your message, I can help.

Maybe it’s just a rough draft or perhaps an “almost” finished version; but it’s just lying there on the page – dying.

Are readers saving your material to replace their Ambien?

Let’s Fix It.

I’ll provide a worksheet for you to identify critical data about the intended audience, the desired tone of the message and essential point you want to communicate.

The copy could be for e-mails, blogs, press releases, marketing blurbs … whatever.

ll take your copy, add my secret spices and bake until it’s done. This usually takes 1-2 days.

The scope is 500 words or less. If you need 1,000 words, simply order two (2).


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