Consulting: Subject/Headlines That Can’t Be Ignored!

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Let me create your email subject line or headline that begs to be opened.

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You provide the relevant background details, and I will provide three subject/headlines that will compel your audience to open and read.  Regardless if you’re promoting a product, service, event or cause, a quality subject/head line is imperative.  This is true for multiple platforms: emails, blog posts, or social media.

You’ll never connect with your audience if they aren’t reading your message.  The first hurdle:  how to standout out from the crowd.

  • Not with old tricks like pretending the e-mail is a reply by placing RE in the subject line
    • RE: Inquiry about my credit
  • Not with sensational topics that don’t relate to your true message (click bait)
    • The Photos Jennifer Never Wanted to Go Public

How about some honestly, integrity and creativity?

Here’s an example of what I would consider a FAILED email subject line: (a real example)

  • We Got a Makeover!

The email was intended to announce a redesign of a website.  Note, the focus of this message is on the sender not the receiver.

This would have been my 3 suggested Subject Lines. (if they had asked)

  • To Serve You Better!
  • The Changes You Requested are Here!
  • This Took Longer Than Expected – But You’re Worth It!

I’m preparing a short course to teach you how to create your own dynamic subject lines.”  In the meantime, you can hire me to produce them.

AND – at a price that will probably pay for itself x 100.

When you choose this service, I’ll provide a brief worksheet for you to complete.  This will provide all the information I’ll need to get started.

Don’t wait.  Get those killer subject/headlines today.



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