Only Experts Write Great Copy


If you’re in a large business, you’ll go to the marketing department that produces copy. That doesn’t mean it’s great. It just means you don’t have an option; you’re handcuffed by company policy. Everything must follow a specific format and tone so it’s consistent with the brand.


I guess “out-source” would be a more correct term. However, out-house is often more accurate. There are several online sources for freelance copy writing. Enter the search term: “freelance copywriter”, pick a service provider and review the writers. Rates vary from $15 an hour to hundreds. The writers are located around the globe.
It shouldn’t be a shock when you learn that  You get what you pay for.”  (Some of the old clichés are true.)

A Better Option

Learn to write good copy.

A few basic principles are at the root of good copy. These principles can be taught and mastered. That’s why I created this course.