Special Offers

What’s Up with These deals?


Q: Why are you offering these deals?  Where are the course modules?

A: While the LtWB course is in development (preparing videos, worksheets, etc), I wanted to offer something immediately for anyone with an urgent need.

Q: What are these deals?

A: The deals are short term services I offer where I apply the LtWG methods to your  particular problem.  Occasionally I mark these down to half-price.

Q: Are these really limited time offers?

A: Fair question.  Terms like “limited time,” are often just sales tactics.  These offers require research and writing time.  This is work I love, but it limits the time available for me to complete my primary goal: completing the courses.  That is why they are truly limited.  After the full course is complete, I plan to remove the offers.

Q. What’s up with the “sale price”.

A: Is this a strategy of “influence,” like the ones you mention in your blog post on the book “Influence”?  Not really.  The amount I list for the full price is based on what I charged clients prior to launching LtWG. The discounted price, (like any discount) is intended to make the offer more attractive for early adopters.  It’s a good way for me to get some early feedback and for clients to get a good deal.  The so-called “win-win”.

Review the special offers here.